Gbrick Signs Business Agreement with DTS Group, a Vietnamese Blockchain Company

9 Aug 2023
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AI-based digital asset automatic investment platform ‘MC9’ accelerates

 expansion of its bridgehead into Vietnam

Gbrick, a developer of blockchain-based digital asset management services, announced that it has signed a business agreement with Zheng Jia Bao, Chairman of DTS, a Vietnamese blockchain company, for the joint business of Gbrick Coin GBX mainnet service and MC9 at the World Blockchain Web 3.0 Marvels Ho Chi Minh City 2023 Conference (hereinafter referred to as the Marvels Conference) held at the Sheraton Saigon Hotel in Ho Chi Minh City on June 7-8.

This business agreement is in line with Zebrick's expansion of blockchain technology and Web 3.0 business in Southeast Asia, and is the third global agreement after the Malaysian integrated messenger business in 2022 and the OKTA Hanseang trade messenger business.

Gbrick participated in the Mavels HCMC 2023, an international event held for the second time since 2022, where leading blockchain companies and industry experts from South Korea and Vietnam share ways to revitalize the blockchain ecosystem in the two countries.

Speaking at the seventh session on the future of the blockchain convergence industry, Lee Hye-jin, CEO of Gbrick, said, "The blockchain technology and service environment that has undergone a long process of maturation in Korea will be optimized for the fast-growing Web 3.0 industry in Vietnam," and suggested active exchange and cooperation between Korean and Vietnamese blockchain companies.

According to Gbrick officials, Gbrick has decided to actively promote the establishment of a Vietnamese branch office from June this year with a group of local cryptocurrency investors, including Vietnam's DTS Group, who signed a business agreement through the Vietnam Marvel Conference, and will open the business presentation of GBX, GbrickPay, and MC9, a digital asset automatic investment platform, to Vietnamese investors from July.

In addition, Gbrick exchanged various opinions on the future development of Web 3.0 services and improvement of digital asset investment services between Korea and Vietnam with domestic and foreign blockchain business leaders, including Justin Kim, CEO of Avalanche Korea, Sangmin Seo, Chairman of the Klaytn Foundation, Hyunjin Choi, CEO of Jellyspace (MetaJellys), and Jeongjeol Jeong, CEO of Creatory, a local influencer marketing group in Vietnam, who participated in the conference.

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