Gbrick Group Chairman Hyejin Lee Participates in Korea Ceo Summit Forum

9 Aug 2023
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Korea CIO Summit (KCS) held the 25th Summit Forum at the Grand Intercontinental Parnas Hotel on July 20, and on this day, Zebrick Group CEO Lee Hye-jin signed a business agreement with Korea CIO Summit (CEO Park Bong-kyu), the organizer of the forum, on the globalization of the forum and the promotion of business in the blockchain field in the future.

Andrew Koo is the founder and CEO of Altava Group, a platform that extends the world of luxury fashion from physical to digital and becomes a portal between the virtual and the real. Altava Group has worked with companies such as Viacom, Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, and XIX Entertainment to develop and publish games and digital education platforms by converting well-known IPs such as Sponge Bob, Dora the Explorer, Toonix, and American Idol into digital formats. Blue Ark Global has launched these services in 137 countries.

The second session was moderated by Dr. Youngseop Joo, a special professor at Seoul National University (former head of the Small and Medium Business Administration), who delivered a lecture on "Strategies for Utilizing Super Big AI in the ChatGPT Era.

In his lecture, Mr. Ha introduced NAVER CLOUD PLATFORM's AI and provided the Summit Club members with a quick understanding of generative AI and classification AI, as well as an explanation and importance of super-scale AI. He said, "Hyper CLOVA's technology has been verified globally, and we will work with the Hyper AI Council to promote sustainable shared growth with the ecosystem."

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