Gbrick Opens AI Program 'META CLOUD9' in Korea

9 Aug 2023
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Gbrick, a company specializing in blockchain platform development, announced on the 20th that it has opened its AI program META CLOUD9 (hereinafter MC9).


MC9 is an AI program that builds stable returns while minimizing market volatility of crypto assets based on quantitative strategies.

MC9 combines Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) and Probabilistic Deep Learning to apply the best AI algorithms in existence, and unlike normal asset management processes, it applies financial data and the Kelly Formula to achieve superior long-term performance.

The modern portfolio theory applied in MC9 is based on the theory of Professor Harry Markowitz, who won the Nobel Prize in Economics in 1990, and is based on probabilistic deep learning. MPT theorizes that reducing risk by building a portfolio of low-correlated stocks can lead to higher returns.

Zebrick said it has been testing MC9 with these algorithms internally and externally for the past year, and MC9 has outperformed its peers, and launched the product earlier this month after a successful testing process.

"We continue to build safeguards to protect customers using AI programs, and we will continue to update our algorithms to provide customers with higher returns and program stability," said Hyejin Lee, CEO of Zebrick.

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